About Memorials

Celebrating lifetimes and sharing stories

Eternal Flame will moderate every memorial page to ensure that they are of the highest quality and dignity. Your memorial can be built using any of the following components:

  • Personal History and Highlights
    Share details of your loved one’s life, including biographical details, accomplishments and more.
  • Virtual Mementos
    Purchase artfully-crafted everlasting digital gifts that express your love. Available in our Marketplace.
  • Memory Bank
    Upload photos and videos that capture the memories you made together.
  • Final Words
    Read the parting thoughts of your loved one and cherish their legacy.

A private or public, intimate setting to digitally memorialize our loved ones. Virtual memorials allow family members and friends to create a customized destination that honors and reflects the lives of people we have loved and lost.

View features and learn how to create a memorial to dedicate to a loved one:

Enhance Your Memorial with a One-of-a-Kind Movie

Craft a cinematic keepsake with our team

The centerpiece of any Eternal Flame memorial is our Movie. Created by a team of masterful directors, producers, writers, narrators, and editors, we celebrate the life of your loved one.

With a range of options and budgets, we will work with you to develop a unique, shareable heirloom you’ll cherish forever.

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