Living Legacy Movie

Create A Life Story For Our Future Generations

Living Legacy Movie Preview

Every person deserves an honorable way to record their life’s moments and memories.
One of our highlighted products we offer is a Living Legacy Movie! Choose between a Self Recorded Interview, or an Eternal Flame Produced On-Site Video Interview. Sit down and talk about places you’ve been, family members, your best friends, memorable moments, or whatever is on your mind you'd like to share! This is a valued keepsake for you and your loved one’s to cherish forever. See the steps below for Eternal Flame Produced On-Site Interviews.

  • Step 1
    Choose Your Date and Time
  • Step 2
    Select Your Questions
  • Step 3
    Choose a Preferable Meeting Location
  • Step 4
    Start Your Interview

Choose a location relevant to your life...

  • Art Studio
  • Football Field
  • Park
  • Kitchen

or other locations, dear to your heart...

  • Photographs
    Up to 80
  • Submitted Video
    Up to 3 Min
  • Revisions
  • Muscial Theme
  • Narrator
  • Online Hosting
  • Turn Around
    5-7 days
  • Cinematic Narrative
  • Production Duration
    6-10 Min

Self Recorded On-Site Interview

Record From The Comfort of Anywhere

Eternal Flame Produced On-Site Interview

Anywhere In The United States

Preserve A Life Story For Generations

  • A Digital Copy Is Provided As An Heirloom
  • Self Record The Interview Through A Phone Or Camera, Or Have Our Team Come On-Location To Produce The Interview
  • Invite Family Members and Friends To Join
  • Submit Additional Videos and Photographs Through Our Movie Builder

What You Recieve:

You will receive your Living Legacy Movie edited by our masterful team of creatives, along with the raw unedited footage from the interview. The movie will include a cinematic narrative, your preferred narrator, alongside selected photographs and videos you would like added to the production through a guided Movie Builder. The creation process is so easy, a movie can be produced from the comfort of your home!

Self Recorded Interviews allow full on-access to our Eternal Flame Movie Builder, which will provide you a list of recommended questions to ask during the interview. You can utilize these questions or create your own! Interviews are not recommended to exceed 2 hours.

Eternal Flame Produced On-Site Interviews are typically granted a (2) hour time frame, which will start when the first question is asked by the videographer. (Don't worry, this is plenty of time to conduct the interview!) You can also include additional family members or friends to be a part of the production, at no additional cost.

After your selection of an Eternal Flame Produced On-Site Interview, you will be instructed to pick three dates and times that will work with you. Our team will promptly choose one of the dates and times you have chosen. We will confirm the date and coordinate with you effectively. If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us,

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