On-Site Interview

Let's Talk About Your Life

One of the highlighted products we offer is a live On-Site Video Interview, allowing you to sit down and talk about your life, places you’ve been, your best friends, family members, and memorable moments. This is a valued keepsake for you and your loved one’s to cherish forever.

  • Step 1
    Choose Your Date and Time
  • Step 2
    Select Your Questions
  • Step 3
    Choose a Preferable Meeting Location
  • Step 4
    Start Your Interview

You can choose a location relevant to your life,

  • Art Studio
  • Football Field
  • Park
  • Kitchen

or other locations, dear to your heart...

What You Recieve:

You will be provided the raw unedited footage from the interview. Also, you will receive an edited version of your movie from our team of creators, included with photographs and videos of your choosing to add to the production. Submitted photographs and videos will be included alongside some of the footage we record from the interview.

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