Working with Eternal Flame

Growing Your Business and Supporting Compassionate Care

Our goal is to help support grieving families in their time of need and offer a range of services that will work in tandem with those provided by professionals to commemorate the lives of those lost. Together, we can create a collection of partners built off mutually-beneficial relationships that serve our communities.

Getting Involved

Our partnership platform was designed so businesses from all walks of life could be part of our community. It is a hands on, navigation experience for clients offering our immense memorial services, as well as providing a medium to extend tasteful products and services to our vast community.

We would like to do our part in helping support businesses of all sizes reach consumers that need their offerings. Compassion and care is of the utmost importance, and these values should always be upheld when working with the Eternal Flame Community.

We currently offer three tiers of subscriptions for our Partners:

  • Root Partner

    Connect with our Community
    $5.99 / mo

    The most basic of partnerships intended for those interested in becoming an active member and supporter of our community.

    • Revolving Newsletter
    • Personalized listing page within our ‘Partnership Directory’
    • Searchable based on geographic location and Product or Service
    • Participate in our community; Advertise your business
    • Access to our skilled digital marketing resources
    • Access to Community Outreach Participation and Initiatives
    • Exclusive access to upcoming events
    Become a Root PartnerBecome a Partner
  • Branch Partner 

    Become our Lifeblood
    $19.99 / mo

    A more advanced subscription allowing you to seamlessly offer your products to our community and transact.

    • Everything for Root Partner
    • List products and services in our Virtual Marketplace
    • Setup for members to transact directly through our E-Commerce platform
    Become a Branch PartnerBecome a Partner
  • Beacon Partner

    Carry the Torch
    $59.99 / mo

    Accommodate individuals or families with the creation of Memorial Listings and one-of a-kind Movies for their loved ones from start to finish.

    • Includes everything listed for a Root and Branch Partner
    • Advanced tracking features on your Profile Page
    • Utilize ‘Representatives’ to help drive your business
    • Receive updated educational brochures
    • Provides a ‘Referral Code to ensure you are compensated for your participation
    Become a Beacon PartnerBecome a Partner

Beacon Membership’s Only

  • $50.00
    per every
    Movie made through your referral code
  • $100.00
    per every
    Movie made through your referral code
  • $150.00
    per every
    Movie made through your referral code

Here is a rundown of what your subscription covers:

  • Educational Brochures to Present Your Clients
  • Online Login Accessibility to View Financial Statements
  • Referral Compensation for Every Movie Purchased Through You
  • Advertising within Our Platform
  • Quarterly Compensation
We guarantee that this process will work for you and you can cancel your subscription at anytime. If you have any questions, please contact us.
We are excited at the prospect of having you as a part of our continually growing community, and to offer products that we take great pride in.

As an Eternal Flame partner, you will receive a custom code that allows us to track and compensate you for your organization’s assistance. You will take part in the offering of extremely useful services, while having a lucrative option for an ever growing partnership.

Examples of our Partners

  • Life Service Providers
  • Exclusive Artists
  • Candle Retailers
  • Engravings
  • Personalized Cards
  • Non-Profits
  • And so many more...

Have access to exciting new features as we release them, including Webcasting Memorial Services, Virtual Services, End of Life Resources, Grief Counseling Resources, and so much more…

We strive to connect our community with our diverse world of partners!