This memorial was created by
Lauren Mosconi
with the help of
Teresa Mosconi-Harrigan

Teresa Mosconi-Harrigan

Age: 49

November 3, 1979
June 11, 2020

Teresa Harrigan, 40 long time resident of Brooklyn NY. Has passed away on June 11,2020. Born on November 3,1979, in Brooklyn NY, she was the daughter of Carla Mosconi and Antonio Mosconi of Brooklyn In addition to her parents she survived by her daughter Isabella and husband Vincent Harrigan. Along side her sibling Roberto Mosconi of Red Hook, sister in law Christine Mosconi of Red Hook, her niece Lauren Mosconi of Palenville, her nephew Robert Mosconi Jr of Red Hook. In edition to aunts, uncles, grandparents, in laws, extend family and friends. Teresa was a funny, caring soul who touched many peoples lives. She worked many years at Bay Podiatry, she was the brightest of lights in anyone life.

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Tom and I will miss you more than words mom... I wish we had more time
Tyler Zaborsky
King of hearts
Partner #1 Test
Thank you for everything you gave me in the short time I had you. Love you Dad.
Tyler Zaborsky
Going to miss you friend... the way you inspired so many was an inspiration to me!
Tyler Zaborsky
Legends never die
Likes Eternal
Always missing you!
Dick Griswald
You were a gentleman and a scholar!
Jorge Van Go
Our deepest sympathies, to Cody and his loved ones -Eternal Flame
<3 <3 <3 Miss you grandma <3 <3 <3
Michael Rannelli
Love you grandma, miss sliding my mattress down the stairs :(
Eternal Flame
Missing you today. Just wanted to show you some love <3
Happy Mother's Day. From the World!
Thinking of you princess. Happy Mother's Day.
Sharing some light from Earth as in Heaven -From your Son
Eugene Gerringer
Sharing some light from Earth as in Heaven -From your Son
Eugene Gerringer
Sharing some light from Earth as in Heaven -From your Son
Eugene Gerringer
Rock On
USA remembrance of your kind soul - Eternal Flame
Lit this for you...
Some text...
Best Chef Ever <3
Praying for your famiy. -MR
1 Love Brother - MR
Rest In Heaven, Kobe. Thanks for your impact on my life. -MR
You were an inspiration to me Greg. Thanks for all that you've done.
Miss you grandpa, thinking of you always... -Michael
Michael Rannelli
Love you dad, I remember when you gave this to me. Wish you were here so I can hug you one last time. -Tom
Thomas Rannelli

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Name's Life Highlights

  • Hometown
  • Nationality
    Italian American
  • Spouse/Life Partner(s)
    Vincent Harrigan
  • Mother's Name
    Carla Mosconi
  • Father's Name
    Antonio Mosconi
  • Children's Names
    Isabella Harrigan
  • Siblings
    Roberto Mosconi
  • Other family members and relationships
    Lauren Mosconi, Robert Mosconi Jr, Christine Mosconi
  • Place of Birth
    Brooklyn, NY
  • Date of Birth
    November 3, 1979
  • Vacation Towns
  • Elementary School
  • High School
  • College
  • Fraternity | Sorority
  • Graduate Degrees
  • Military Service
  • Branch
  • Division
  • Rank
  • Passions and Pursuits
  • Awards & Achievements
  • Clubs & Affiliations
  • Occupations
  • Spoken Languages
  • Nicknames
  • Religion
  • Favorites Movies
  • Favorite TV Shows
  • Favorite Musicians
  • Favorite Songs
  • Favorite Artists
  • Favorite Foods
  • Favorite Books
  • Favorite Sports Teams
  • Favorite Athletes
  • Way of Passing
    Natural Causes
  • Date of Death
    June 11, 2020
  • Place of Death
    Brooklyn, NY
  • Resting Place
    Greenwood Cemetery
  • Memorable Quotes

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