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Eugene Gerringer
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Dennis Eugene Gerringer

Dennis Eugene Gerringer

Age: 49

September 28, 1945
December 25, 2012
Florissant, Missouri, USA

He was a quiet man that kept to himself, yet would engage in profound conversations with people from all walks of life. He was like a wise old owl that would wander through the vast wilderness, taking images with his eyes to share these stories among others he would find in good company. He was a man that would dive deep into meaningful research on just about anything. He took pride in his independence and surviving on his own, but also felt joy in seeing reflections of his influence in the academic success of his children. He appreciated the softer beauty of simplicity, while also seeking the harder truths in life’s complexities. He would probably want to be remembered as a wise and genuine person to all he met.

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Name’s Memorial Movie

Name’s Memorial Movie

Name’s Memorial Movie

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Tom and I will miss you more than words mom... I wish we had more time
Tyler Zaborsky
King of hearts
Partner #1 Test
Thank you for everything you gave me in the short time I had you. Love you Dad.
Tyler Zaborsky
Going to miss you friend... the way you inspired so many was an inspiration to me!
Tyler Zaborsky
Legends never die
Likes Eternal
Always missing you!
Dick Griswald
You were a gentleman and a scholar!
Jorge Van Go
Our deepest sympathies, to Cody and his loved ones -Eternal Flame
<3 <3 <3 Miss you grandma <3 <3 <3
Michael Rannelli
Love you grandma, miss sliding my mattress down the stairs :(
Eternal Flame
Missing you today. Just wanted to show you some love <3
Happy Mother's Day. From the World!
Thinking of you princess. Happy Mother's Day.
Sharing some light from Earth as in Heaven -From your Son
Eugene Gerringer
Sharing some light from Earth as in Heaven -From your Son
Eugene Gerringer
Sharing some light from Earth as in Heaven -From your Son
Eugene Gerringer
Rock On
USA remembrance of your kind soul - Eternal Flame
Lit this for you...
Some text...
Best Chef Ever <3
Praying for your famiy. -MR
1 Love Brother - MR
Rest In Heaven, Kobe. Thanks for your impact on my life. -MR
You were an inspiration to me Greg. Thanks for all that you've done.
Miss you grandpa, thinking of you always... -Michael
Michael Rannelli
Love you dad, I remember when you gave this to me. Wish you were here so I can hug you one last time. -Tom
Thomas Rannelli

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Name's Life Highlights

  • Hometown
    Florissant, Missouri, USA
  • Nationality
  • Spouse/Life Partner(s)
    Nery Maria Salazar
  • Mother's Name
    Emma Jurgens
  • Father's Name
    Ralph Gerringer
  • Children's Names
    Eugene and Desiree
  • Siblings
    His sister Debbie (Deborah) and 2 other brothers separated by adoption
  • Other family members and relationships
  • Place of Birth
    St. Louis, MO, USA
  • Date of Birth
    September 28, 1945
  • Vacation Towns
    Miami Beach, Florida, USA
  • Elementary School
  • High School
    McCluer High School
  • College
    Florissant Valley Community College and Southwest Missouri State University
  • Fraternity | Sorority
  • Graduate Degrees
  • Military Service
  • Branch
  • Division
  • Rank
    Squad Leader
  • Passions and Pursuits
    Photography, Sea Shell & Antique Collector
  • Awards & Achievements
  • Clubs & Affiliations
  • Occupations
  • Spoken Languages
    English and some Spanish
  • Nicknames
  • Religion
    A mix of Buddhist and Christian primarily
  • Favorites Movies
  • Favorite TV Shows
  • Favorite Musicians
    Bob Dylan, The Moody Blues, Rod Stewart, Heart, Barbra Streisand, Lou Rawls, Nat King Cole
  • Favorite Songs
    Nights in White Satin, Deep Forest
  • Favorite Artists
    Salvador Dali
  • Favorite Foods
    Cordon bleu, Salmon (prior to being Vegan at the end of his life)
  • Favorite Books
    The Bible
  • Favorite Sports Teams
  • Favorite Athletes
  • Way of Passing
  • Date of Death
    December 25, 2012
  • Place of Death
    Florissant, Missouri, USA
  • Resting Place
  • Memorable Quotes
    “Don’t get lost in the Wilderness”, “Locked and Loaded”

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Name's Final Message

Before their passing, these final words were shared with loved ones...

He never had the chance to pass one along to me personally, but according to my sister, he believed everyone deserved a chance and that in any situation, goodness can be found. She also mentioned that he believed that as we confront the world, we must show it love before all else.

There are no final words mentioned. If you are a family member and have knowledge about final words or letters to the family, friends, or others, please go ahead and share them with us.

Drums in The Everglades
It was one of my very first camping trips, and my dad was our expert wilderness guide. He always had a love for the outdoors and camping in the Florida Everglades was a particularly special place to take it all in. I was probably 8 years old at the time & my sister was 9 when my dad first taught us how to fish in that humid, mosquito-ridden, swamp land. However, what really stood out from that first camping trip was the powerful communion with Native American spirits that occurred on one eery, dark night out in those unforgiving wilds. The only light that could be seen came from the bright moon above, and our small campfire on the ground below. My father had already drank a few beers when he began to recount a tragic story about a Native American tribe that once settled the lands we were presently resting upon. The tale ended with just a single tribesman surviving the terrible onslaught from foreign white settlers that had come and killed off his entire family & village while he was away on a hunting expedition. The lone survivor was heartbroken and full of rage upon returning to such devastation. He sought a furious revenge against these evil interlopers and any future invaders that dared trespass his territory. As soon as my father finished telling us this intense & somber story of woe, my sister and I heard a loud, primal scream come from the cypress trees that lined the back of our tent. It sounded quite human and left us shocked. As we peeked out the back window of our shelter in sheer fear, I saw what looked like dancing lights casting silhouettes among the ancient cypresses. Then matters became even more unsettling when the lights faded and we both started hearing the sounds of a steady, beating drum playing off in the distance. It sounded like something one would encounter at a pow wow and yet, these sounds came from no visible source. We looked at each other with confusion & terror, and by this point, my father was knocked out like a light. The sound of drums grew louder as it neared our tent, yet no one or thing could be seen outside. Then, just when it seemed to be banging right over our heads, the noise suddenly stopped. The night became silent once more and my sister and I laid awake for quite a while until we could find the peace to fall asleep. As morning broke and we finally awoke from what seemed like a dream, my father greeted us with a smile. He was oblivious to the tale he had spoken so intently and the scary events that had transpired the night prior. My sister and I recounted everything to him in excited detail, but his memory had been lost to the wilderness that evening. The only reasoning my father could come up with for what he had spoken yet not remembered was that while he was intoxicated, he served as a medium for the Native American spirits that once lived there and needed a voice to share their tragic history. That haunting trip and wild memory of my father will remain with me for many more moons to come.

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