Dedicated to
Josh Valentine



I have to admit, I'm still in disbelief you are no longer with us. When Ford passed, I will never forget you called to tell me the horrible news and as much as my heart sunk that day, you were able to give it strength and this became the thesis for your life's work. To receive this same call for you has really crushed my soul and spirit, but I ask myself, what would Josh do in a time like this? I always admired the person you grew to become and the lives you were able to touch along your journey. I will always remember you as you as my first childhood friend, linking up to play G.I. Joes and climb trees. We just spoke a couple weeks ago, we made plans to go climbing this summer because you would be home... I will always think of you when I'm exploring this glorious earth... will let you know if I find anything cool! As we grew older, our lives took us many different ways, but we always maintained that inseparable bond that we developed as children. We grew up so close, were raised in that little ol town of Basking Ridge, came up through t-ball and wrestling and school together, kept in contact throughout the years... I didn't have to talk to you every day or every week or every month... but I always knew the heart you had and new it was always out there doing the best it could possibly do for this world! I promise to live a life that you would be proud of and I'll see you on the other side my friend! xox

Tyler Zaborsky
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