Dedicated to
Evan B. Zaborsky

Letter to Dad


I've always been a person to keep my feelings locked up, never letting my guard down, and never showing weakness, but this will be a great place to open up a little, to reflect on not only the things that I miss, but also the things that I am truly grateful for... Like your amazing little grandson you will never get to meet, he lights up Gaby and my world, has a contagious smile and is like the energizer bunny, always moving and constantly exploring uncharted territory! I will make sure he knows what a wonderful person you were.I keep your picture on my desk, I look to it often for inspiration and for guidance. Wish you were here to be part of my life, to celebrate all the amazing times, to be there for support during all the difficult times and to be there to mentor me during all the confusing times. Tom and I are still looking over mom, she has been fighting cancer for some five years now, but she is a tough woman and a fighter as you know. Miss you, wish you were here. I know you would still be my number one fan today, just like you were when I was a child.. Love You and miss you Dad.

Tyler Zaborsky
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